Love story behind Jayalalitha and Sobhan Babu

According to a friend of Jayalalitha:

  • Jayalalitha was in love with Sobhan Babu and wanted to marry him and settle down to a normal life just like any other woman. Sobhan babu was already married and  had a teen aged boy.
  • Jayalalitha asked this friend to arrange for a mangal sutra ( Iyengar type thaali) and the marriage has been arranged in her own house.
  • But on the said date, in the early morning, Jayalalitha called her friend and told that the marriage has been cancelled as there was an objection from sobhan babu's wife.
  • There were rumours that only MGR had thwarted her marriage plan.
  • There is another rumour that Jayalalitha proposed Sobhan babu for marriage. But he refused her proposal on the spot telling that it is not possible for him to leave his wife and children and he broke all his relationship with her.

Jayalalitha's Daughter: 

Now a lady, Amrutha claims that she is Jayalalitha's daughter. But Jayalalitha's relatives say Jayalalitha gave birth to a daughter in the year 1980 but they did not know that the child is Amrutha, only DNA test can confirm this. So we have to wait for some more time  (as on 29.11.2017)

Amrutha says "I met Jayalalitha for the first time in 1996, when Sailaja told me to do so. She hugged me with affection and talked with me at length."

Sobhan Babu: 

Sobhan Babu  married Santha Kumari and has one son and three daughters (Karuna, Seshu,Mrudula,
Prasanthi,Nivedhitha). Sobhan babu died in 2008. He lived in Chennai

Love story behind Jayalalaitha and Sobhan Babu

Sobhan Babu with agni
A misleading photo of Jayalalitha's daughter viral in social medias
Only the DNA test can proof whether she is the daughter of Jayalalitha