Jayalalitha Childhood Photos-PART2

photo of jayalalitha when she is studying in church park convent
Jayalalitha (jeyalalitha)childhood photo while in school

Jayalalitha  when MGR expired

Jayalalitha in her school days

Jaylalitha with her Mother

Jayalalitha Biography

Jayalalitha was born on 24-february-1948. Her original name was KOMALA VALLI.
Jayalalitha's father name is Jayaraman. He was a lawer. Her father died when she  was just 2 years old.
Jayalalitha's mother's name is Vedavalli.  She was working in the  Directorate of Agriculture. Whe she started acting in movies, she got  the screen name Sandhya.Sandhya's Sister Vidyavathi was also acting in Tamil and Telugu movies.
Jayalalitha's ancesters  were living in Srirangam in Tamilnadu. When her grandfather (Rangachari) got the job as surgeon in Mysore Palace, the family moved to Mysore. Because of his working in the palace, all the names start with JAYA (eg. JAYA-lalitha, Her father JAYA-ram)

Jayalalitha is Iyengar by birth. But she is not  interested in exhibiting her caste even in childhood days.

EDUCATION: Jayalalitha studied in Church Park Convent (Sacred Heart Matriculation School) in Madras(Chennai). She was an outstanding student in school. One of her classmate (now working as a Senior Journalist at Delhi) says like this about Jayalalitha :::"She got more than 70 marks in each subject while all others were struggling  to get 60 marks. She won the BEST GIRL AWARD in the school". She passed her matriculation in 1964.
In those days there is no +2. After 11th standard, we should go to college for PUC(Pre University Course). Jayalalitha joined Stella Marys College. But she could not continue her studies as she got the opportunity for acting in Sridhar's Vennira Aadai(Tamil Movie)

 Jayalalitha learned  Bharatha natyam  and had her ARANGETRAM (அரங்கேற்றம்) at the age of 12

Jayalalitha's first film was "Chinnada Gombe (kannada)" . Her first tamil film was Vennira Aadai(வெண்ணிற ஆடை). Her first film with MGR was Aayirathil oruvan (ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் )
In 1980 she entered into Politics.

About Chinnada Gombe(kannada)

  • This is very first movie for Jayalalitha
  • Jayalalitha was studying in school duing this film. She acted only duing summer vacations without missing classes.
  • Jayalalitha was just 15 years old when she acted in this film.
  • This  film was released on 1st january 1964
  • Actor: Kalyan kumar
  • Actress: Jayalalitha,M.V.Rajamma,Kalpana
  • Director: B.R.Pandhulu

Stills from the first movie of jayalalitha (chinnada Gombe-kannada-1964)

Stills from the first movie of jayalalitha (chinnada Gombe-kannada-1964)

Stills from the first movie of jayalalitha (chinnada Gombe-kannada-1964)

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