10 Tips How to Purchase a Flat

Guidance to purchase a Flat.
If you are interested in purchasing a Flat in a city like Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai then before proceeding to buy, you should know certain basic things to avoid cheating by Builders.
Tip 1: Test the Bore Water in the Lab.

Recently I purchased a flat. Before purchasing, I asked the builder about the water. The builder put on the motor pumb and water was gushing out. He caught the water in the mug and gave it to me. The water was crystal clear and tasty.  I finalised the purchase and when I occupied the house, I was shocked. The water was RED in color. I took the water to a water testing lab. They told it contains lots of iron that is why it is red.
Ooops! I told him water was ok when I checked it before my purchase. The explanation given by him is this: 
This water contains ferrous material. Ferrous is colorless. But when it comes out of the earth, when it combines with Oxygen, and after about one hour, it becomes ferric and gives RED color to the water.

Before Purchase a flat, take  two litres of water to a testing lab. They will tell all the items in that water and they will say whether it is drinkable.
In chennai, you can test water in Tamilnadu govt twad board office.

Lab Address : TWAD House,31, Kamarajar Salai,Chepauk,Chennai – 600 005
It will cost around Rs.500.

Tip2 :  Know what is the difference between carpet area & Builtup Area
Builtup area: It includes the space occupied by the walls also.
Stamp duty is to be paid only to the carpet area not for the builtup area.
Tip 3: Checkout the neighbourhood of your Flat or Building.
Whether there is liquor shop? Whether the next building is a temple creating lot of noise due to loudspeakers? Whether your flat is near a waste dumping ground which may cause deseases.

Tip4: If you own car, check the arrangement for PARKING your car?
Check out whether parking space is there for your car or two-wheeler and it is safe.

Tip 5: You should know what is FSI.
FSI stands for Floor Space Index.
Take the Total CARPET AREA of  all  the flats and DIVIDE  it by the LAND AREA. What you get is FSI.
For example, in Noida, the FSI is 3.0. That means, if the land area is 3000 sq.feet, then the total carpet area of  all the flats should not exceed 9000 sq.feet. You should verify the Approved Layout plan and Approved Building Plan to find out whether the builder has deviated from the plan.

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